Beniman Mzee B 2stars new rides cost him 37 millionUGX to Acquired it.

Beniman man mzee B a guy who joined the list of the top 10 richest Northern Uganda musician recently in July after completing his building in Oyam District has pulled yet another Brand new UBF Subaru.2019 seems to a Major break through to the artist.

In an encounter with Northern Buzz,Mzee B reveals that his latest Ride costs him 37millon to Acquired it.he also blasted those who is giving a pride of his hassle to another person.

“…posting this Car here is not coz am showing off.
Just to clear some stupid info am getting …..the first one was like I sold off the car just after buying ….eh people … The second one is just days ago from a certain Old Lango Mzee who doesn’t have any clue about my life saying
# HonAmongiBetty minister bought for me a Benze and I ask my self is this a Benze ???
Tim Ming tutwal.
People don’t like good from artists at all why?
They think Musicians don’t have money they only rely on women ….that’s not what happens now …..everybody is working hard.
STOP BEING NEGATIVE.”.. Said Mzee b 2star.