Breaking:Bosmic Otim survived assassination attempt on his way from Kitgum to Gulu

According to him,Lucky Joice Bosmic Otim on Wednesday night survived narrowly from the hands of unknown assassins who wanted to murder him plus his band wagon.

While giving speeches at his 37th birthday celebration last night 1st/May at Da Link Garden in Gulu town, Bosmic brought out a burning issue that was burning his heart to his lovely fans before hitting the stage with the performance. Otim said he and his crew were attacked by unknown attackers on their way back from Kitgum town to Gulu in a village called Agoro village in Pader District.

“On our way from Kitgum to Gulu town,while we reached Agoro village in Pader District,We were ambushed and short by unknown attackers whom we never know their intentions,Thank God I and my team reached Gulu safely.”.otherwise, you were going to hear that we are dead or seriously injured.” ..Said Bosmic Otim while at the Link Garden.
He also promised update his fans about the attack.
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