Condoms shortage Hits Gulu town again.

Shortfall of condoms has again hit major distribution point in Gulu town during this quarantine period.

This is not the only time Gulu town shortfall of condoms,the first one was in January 2019 were it affected even the free Distribution points like Gulu Bus park passenger waiting lounge,Gulu district council Hall and major Hotels like churchhill Hotels.

The shortage this time was also narrates by one of Gulu resident identified himself as Rachkara Brian.

Rachkara who stayed in ‘Cuk oweka one of the Gulu largest suburb while speaking to this platform,said he walked over 1km to a place called Layibi to buy protection after most shops new by runout of condoms.Rachkara also claimed that most points and Drugs shop in Gulu town are increasing condoms Prices.

“Trust me you can no longer find comdom in Gulu town below 2000ugx some even selling it at the price of 2500ugx.This should be a serious issue but no one is talking about it, even the medias in our town here.I think Gulu may be running out of condoms or these lock down cause it..imagined on Friday I didn’t find condom new by any shop in Cuk oweka here.I walked almost after Layibi new the Petrol station to get one.”… Said Rachkara