Cute Photos: Singer Destiny’s True Love Is Great-Steve Ambro

Northern Uganda’s fresh songbird, Destiny of Doctar Freddie Management unveils her true hubby.
From alleged relations with her manager Doctar Freddie, and several other guys, musician Destiny known for her first single “One Time” is a songbird who has been tied to many town dudes. She now seems to be tired of the rumours and has unveiled her true love and only father of her child to the public.
The ‘One Time’ singer decided to do it all at Bomah Hotel where the two were spotted making love early this week. Destiny revealed that her beloved husband Great Steve Ambro, fathered her first beloved daughter who is five months old.
Being another common face in the entertainment industry, it’s reported Steve who’s the CEO of Great Steve Event had been trying it hard to keep this off the public eyes.
No wonder, as the saying goes, “Behind every successful man there’s a woman” we wishes them all the best in their family.