Fans lined Liama to battle Eddy Wizzy, Acholi empire Eddy Wizzy beef takes new move

Acholi empire Eddy Wizzy beef takes a new move as fans got involved.
Few weeks back Eddy Wizzy opened up a beef with his former Management/Record Label Acholi, claiming Acholi empire New face can’t manage him this brought a war of words between Acholi empire and Eddy Wizzy Fans making Acholi empire Fans to lined and compare Liama with Eddy Wizzy.
Here are some of the words from the fans.

MC Oyik Pabbo Da’socialist
For now the most Outstanding One Is Liama,I think she is better than Eddy Wizzy

Aol Winnie
Don’t compare Eddy Wizzy with Liama, Eddy Wizzy is far better than Liama

Bone James
Ayaaa now it’s mean survivor Liama vs Wizzy

Kwizera John
As For me , I only kno Eddy Wizzy the Dancer! As For LIAMA, She is Currently the Hottest Artist in Northern Uganda

Zetive Byaruh
yuh pple free up eddy and build yo own fan base without eddy wizzy
Would u find acholi empire the way it is but this acholi empire
New face will collapse like da zone survivor hit mi back who ever am #zetive da bigtym criminal afridancehal,I know is all about Liama and Eddy Wizzy