The festival is not about Rwot Acana, It’s about Acholi culture–Jeff Korondo & Allan Smokie responded to Doctor Kaunda campaign against Acholi caltural festival.

Northern Uganda music Legend Jeff Korondo and Dance hall Artist Allan Smokie have spoken out their mind to deny Doctor Kaunda campaign against Acholi caltural festival and Expossing the weakness of the festival that might affect the public relations of the event.

This happened when Kaunda Drop his first articles on social media against Acholi cultural festival blaming Kar kwaro for appointing Promota Juma Jami as the key organizer of the event.The Producer went on to exposed the weakness of the event that might affect public relations of the festival,this make Jeff Korondo & Allan Smokie not to over come his behaviour anymore.

The two Artists Jeff and Allan went on to tell Dr Kaunda that the event is not about Rwot Acana chief of Acholi but the whole Acholi as a tribe

Jeff Korondo
Doctor Kaunda this isn’t about the Rwot. This is about “Acoli ki deyo gi” En tye Lawirwodi ningo mo keken ki romo loke ma luku kit yer gi. Ento man pe loko bedo pa wan Acoli.

Allan Smokie
Hahaha I am happy like a mutha fucker. Let them rwot oneka gubed easy,this is not about our Rwot but about wan luwer so you find were you belong. Otherwise we are all Acholi,this issue is not about Acholi only,its about northern Uganda musicians being exploited