Finally Prince Yubu tested the Hostile part of his fellow agemate Rapper Lobby.

After a long time of silent,Acholi Rapper Lobby could not hold it anymore he finally made a respond to his counter part age mate Prince Yubu,A fight that started when Lobby came out to say he doesn’t know any singer called prince Yubu seem like it still going on.

“There is this half sparm trying to fight me.”Rapper Lobby shows the hostile part of him to singer.

“There Is This # HALF_SPARM Trying To Fight Me …
Making Useless Headlines On Me Over Nothing…
Now That He Bought A Car UAM STARLET in 2019
Even My Premio UAN I Bought 5years Ago Is Newer.
Its Like A Child Boasting That He Now Has Teeth
Pliz If They Sent U , Go Tell Them U Didnt Find Me
I Can’t Fight A #HALF_HEIGHT ,
I Will Only Continue To Inspire You My Son”….Said Acholi Rapper Lobby.

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