Former Judas Rapknowledge promoter Jacob Spragger to loose his Ride for over 4.5 millionsUGX car loan.

Close friends to this promoter have been wondering why the promoter was keeping the acquisition of his Ride private yet he is a show off guy who can’t handle being under the blanket with any luxury he owned.

Some who knew that Spragger bought the car were saying the promoter decided to go private because he was hiding it from the the girls he is dating to avoid distaburn and fake love but that was not the case.

Northern Buzz learned that Spragger decided to go private about his car Mitsubishi Pajero model 2000 Red because he got it on loan credit.a source claims Spragger bought it on credit via Mogo car loan Uganda at 15.5millionsugx with the first deposit of 5millionsUGx on November,2020

A photo showing Spragger posing with his Mitsubishi Pajero

The source also claims that Jacob Spragger paid out the total of 11million Ugx already and the remaining 4.5millionsUgx is getting harder for him to paid out… they have given him 21 days to pay the remaining balance of else he will loose the car.