Get To Know: Rapper Khalca’s Biography

Songwriter, Rapper, Singer, music producer & an entrepreneur (2016-2018)
Northern Uganda’s vocalist Khalca is known for his R&B-hiphop style vocals, which are featured in his own latest hit song “Tii Matek” as well as collaborations with hip-hop artists.

Northern Uganda’s rapper Khalca was born Ji Um Maxwell Joshua Odong in Gulu district, on July 5th , 1997. He lived in Kanyagoga-Gulu Town as a child and attended high school in the Sir Samuel Baker School & completed his senior four exam at London collage Nasana.
After finishing ordinary level, Khalca realised, he couldn’t cause more school fees burden to his sick mom and hence, he started paving his musical ways.
He released “Tii Matek” that combine his R&B-style vocals with hip-hop beats, and he set for collaboration with many other musicians, including Daugy Fresh, Mussolini and many other old and fresh names.

Background and Early Career
Singer, songwriter and producer Khalca was born Ji Um Maxwell Odong in Gulu Municipal on July 5th 1997, to mother Irene Akello. He was raised by a special single mom who provided all basic needs the boy needed in life.

Musical Success and Collaborations
Khalca’s first hip hip single, “Tii Matek “, was released earlier this year [Jan 2018].
The audio produced by Pro Samuel Ziiii paired Khalca’s melodic, Hip-hop R&B-style vocals with hip-hop beats making it a bigger success topping the radio airwaves in Northern Uganda.

Beyond his work in music
Akon is the owner of two clothing designer boutique in town and various real investments.
He also founded the Luo Core Music Foundation with the mission of empowering disadvantaged youth in Northern Uganda & the world at-large.

Download his first single “Tii Matek” below:

MP3 Download: Tii Matek By Khalca