I see like No any Gulu university student can manage me on Bed—Radio Rupiny Presenter Giramiya Trina

At first we though Radio Rupiny presenter Giramiya Trina was just joking when she said None of the Gulu university students can manage her madness and strange style on bed.

The last time Geramiya Trina passed this piece of information was at Gulu university play ground during the crowning of miss Gulu university 2019/2020 last week.but according to her close ex friend claims Trina was not just joking about this but the presenter is serious. The ex friend also added that Trina was always telling her about this before but she’s not sure if Trina is also serious about trying out like she is planing.

“these small boys cannot manage me with their small ‘’ting’’ she added “my
bed time skills and styles are unmatched and none of the campusers should try her out because they are inexperienced and not capable of running a mile with her.”……said Gerimaya Trina while at Gulu university play ground.

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