I wrote my song “Gulu”when I was still living in New York City—Tempra Omona

Tempra Omona is one of Uganda’s veteran artiste. Just listen to his hit song like “Gulu” and you’ll see. That guy lives and breathes his own style and all he wants to be is considered a master of his craft, the Best Northern Singer ever Alive , it’s always been most obvious that what Omona has always most craved is respect. And there’s no respect quite like respect from your professional peers. Lucky for him, over a decade into his career,Tempra is one of the most very most respected rappers. Not just as a veteran artist, but as one of the greatest Northern Singer of all time.

To help celebrate the release of his hit song “Gulu”,Tempra Omona organise a easter festive tour both in Gulu and Kitgum,
Good Friday at Kitgum bus park and Easter Sunday at Acholi inn Gulu .
Recently in an exclusive interview with chano 8,Omona publicist about his latest hit song “Gulu”

Gulu’ is a mellow fusion of R&B, African sounds and blues which I wrote between 2007 and 2008 when I was still living in New York City. I was very specific about who could produce it but wasn’t sure. But I needed someone who understands the home market, there was no American. So in 2011 when I was returning home for the first time after a decade, I looked for one of my favourite earlier producers David Mukalazi (legendary producer/keyboardist) fortunately he had returned from UK. It was great, so when I landed, I went straight to him and we started working”. Tempera explained,he added“In this song, I portray pride in Gulu, as a son of the soil, I convey a message of endurance, protection of future generations and the beauty of home, family, relatives etc. It has struck Gulu fans on the right note. It’s one of my most talked about songs online, on radio and most shared in WhatsApp groups. I am truly proud of this one song.” said Tempra Omona