Judas talks about his 2017 upcoming Album

It looks like fans of Judas Rapknowledge finally have something to look forward to again. During a recent contact witNorthern Buzz,the hip-hop hearthrob announced that he’s been working on an upcoming project for 2017, and that it is slated to drop sometime in few month to come .

Judas says he purposely took a step back from recording following his last album,so he could watch the game and plan his next album roll out properly. “I started it like for leisure ..but it became part of me…..

A lot of shit changed since then so more friends become enemies in the quest of victory….but am strong,……..

I promise to release unbelievable album this 2017..done with writing …souls of Africa and valley curve ….we don’t force it with money ,we bring real talent.”

Northern Buzz keep you posted•