Maria A tattooed her boy lover’s name on her arm:

The Northern Uganda songstress behind the hit song “Dano”, seems to has found her Mr rights man. This came just shortly after the songstress shared some pictures of a heart symbols and name tag “Musa”.

Apparently the tattoos features a heart symbol and some words tagged “I love Musa ”
Though it’s not clearly known by public who this Allah’s son could be but still one day the truth will outs as it is said “love can not be hinden” Opt fully the man baring this Muslim name “Musa” which we think is her boy lover will be known publicly
Tattooing names of partners has become a common trend and considered much trendies mean to show appreciation for being in love with someone and it’s common among all sexs nowdays showing how much love they have for them.
So you lovers, take next moves and get your lover’s name tattooed on your body to maximum the loves greatly.