Maria A In Troubles For Breaching Of Contract With Pine Avenue 5

There was pandemonium at Old Acholi Inn hotel on Christmas night when Maria A Agwe’s fans trashed the venue after the diva Maria A failed to pitch up for Pine Avenue 5’s Christmas concert were she was booked to perform.
A handful of Maria A’s fans who had braved the night to see the music queen famed for her song, “Dano”, left the venue with tails between their legs in the wee hours of Christmas night without a glimpse of female music diva Maria A.
Promoter of the highly-anticipated gig, Pine Avenue 5 also got a rude awakening after the disappointment by the diva who was already paid Five hundred thousand Uganda’s shillings [500,000/-] for her schedule performance.
Although circumstances that led to the northern Uganda’s music queen failing to perform at the gig are still unclear, The Northern Buzz heard that Maria A failed to turn up for the concert because of the many shows she was scheduled for both in and out of Gulu on Christmas day.
It is also believed that the “Dano” star refused to perform in front of a paltry crowd, as she was came late at the venue.
A fan who spoke to The Northern Buzz alleged that Maria A was drunk and tired as she attended over five shows.
“I do not know what they gave her but she is knocked out. I do not care whether she performs or not, all I want is a refund of damage caused,” said the fan.
Some fans would have none of it and drove off to other hang-outs where the singer was believed to be performing hoping to get a glimpse of her gorgeous performance, but were left yawning.
Though she took it to her social media accounts to apologize to fans for the disappointments, report reaching us is the diva is in real trouble as a refund of damage caused by absentism is demanded by Pine Avenue 5.