Mc Kash Owakabi in love again.scoop deep

Look like Northern Uganda king of Comedy Mc Kash Owakabi have a new woman in his life.This time not Atimango who tarnished his name recently by pouring acid on him.

Last Friday at Eyemax cinema Gulu, Kash Owakabi was seen smooching a mystery girl at midnight, and as far as anyone could tell, this was the first time that he and this girl had been seen together.

There was only one problem: There were very few details out there about her. In fact, she had only been identified as “Mercy” — and that was pretty much it. Until now.

Finally, more and more information is coming to light about the famous Mc’s new love. Who is Kash Owakabi’s new girl, Mercy?

Here’s everything we know so far about her and their steamy new relationship.

While at Eyemax cinema Gulu where he usually does his Comedy show every Friday, Kash was seen with a mystery girl — described as a “dark light skin,girl,Acayo Mercy a Gulu university year three student working with UNICEF.we are not yet sure about her names.

Reportedly, they shared a hag that looked a lot more than friendly and they ended up leaving the place together with that night.