‘Men With Many Wives Live Longer Than Those With Just One’- 91-Year Old Man Claims

A ninety-one-year-old elder statesman, in Yakasai town of Kano State, Tanko Yakasai, has declared that men with two wives or more live longer than those with only one woman in their lives.

Yakasai, who have many wives and children, believes its even monopoly that reduces life expectancy.

Asked what he does differently in an interview with Punch, the 91-year-old statesman, who had lived his life as a journalist, said,
“Those who believe that polygamy reduces life expectancy are wrong! They are not speaking from experience .

“Many factors influence life expectancy . In some countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, etc, there is the problem of poverty and illiteracy.”

Yakasai, who served jail terms during the Abacha and Babangida regimes, added, “Because of that, people are not able to take care of their children well.

“I read an article on WhatsApp written by an expert . The article notes that those who practise polygamy live longer than those who practise monogamy . I agree.

Asked how he manages the rivalry among his numerous wives, he continued, “This is our culture.

“It depends on who they are . Sometimes, they manage to live together peacefully but sometimes , they quarrel among themselves . From my experience, what often leads to such a quarrel is the inability or refusal of the younger ones to submit to the leadership of the older ones.

“But in some cases, they live peacefully with one another, such that you would not believe that they are married to the same husband.”