I might commit suicide if I don’t succeed in 2020 —-Lil Roy

In this world,whenever you plan some thing but it doesn’t goes how you were expecting it,you might get disruption on it.
Lil Roy who always claims that the year 2020 will be year for his success last Saturday 06/April during Ceasurous show at Smiling Panda get one on one brief interview with Northern Buzz reporter after his performance.
Northern Buzz:Hey thanks for granting this opportunity to talk to you, What’s the meaning of 2020 to you?
Lil Roy:mmm 2020 is the year am sure I will be owning most things I need in life and is the year of my success.Although am scared that it’s near,am working day and night to see that I full fill my promise
Northern Buzz:What if you fail?
Lil Roy: It’s a must,this is what I planned for many years.I Believe it’s a year I will succeed,if I fail I might commit suicide.