Moi Daniel To Quit Voice Of Lango Fm

Radio fans in Lira are in shock after landing on reports that, they may soon miss listening to Moi Daniel on Voice of Lango Fm (VOL Fm) as he is likely to soon quit this Lira based radio station for unknown reasons.

The report came through last week indicating that Moi tabled a letter to the management of VOL, and the letter is believed to be a resignation letter.

Sources further claim that, Moi wants to quit VOL to handle his hospital project; however, others say he is up for a juicy deal with another media house.some source also claims he is planning to open his own Radio station.

However, Moi has not said a word about this but the gossipers are still doing the job to spread the rumour  linking him to leaving VOL.

Moi has been a darling to the sports listeners of VOL and an entertainer for four years now. 

We are still taking this as a rumour but will keep you posted on developments