OJ Maxwell, MC WangJok And Abel Mubarack Formed New Record Label “Talent Avenue”

Specialized stars have arrived. The recent Pine Avenue 5 group split has resulted into the formation of new record label in the region.
RNB singer OJ Maxwell together with Hip hop artist MC WangJok, Promoter Abel Mubarack World Wide, Jacob Trigger, Fenato SAmiz and An Aye KingDeno Pius left their previous team Pine Avenue5 two days ago to form their own label “Talent Avenue”.
It’s been alleged, OJ Maxwell, MC WangJok, Abel Mubarack, Jacob Trigger, Fenato SAmiz and An Aye KingDeno are the first signees for the label and will soon put their tastes to work to curate albums featuring their favorite artists. Confused by the concept? Just imagine if the Now! Talent Avenue compilation were assembled by one person… when they’re not making audios and videos featuring festival style tips and
reviews of what they used to do from Pine Avenue5 ecuadorians candy.
It’s been confirmed to us that the Talent Avenue compilation, will be releasing the label’s first audio later next week.
“We see a wonderful opportunity to build a talent-friendly label that rewards and empowers influencers for promoting the music they love, with the same love as it was in “Pine Avenue5”