Police officers arrested for recording lovers having sex in the car and sharing the video social media.

Territorial Police in Kiira Region in close coordination with the Zonal Field Force Unit, has charged four Field Force Officers with discreditable conduct, after they recorded a man and woman, who was making love in a car, shared their video, while they were half naked.

In the video, the officers are heard forcing the couple that had hurriedly dressed up to undress as they filmed them. The officers also interrogated the woman who said she was in her 40s and mother of four while the man claimed he was 20 years old. The officers castigated him for falling in love with an old woman

The accident occurred on the 7/09/2019 near Kakira main gate. According Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, the lovers were supposed to be arrested for being public nuisance.
On investigation, Enanga said, the video which went viral was traced to officers of the Integrated Highway Patrol in Kakira, who recorded the suspects turned victims on video and shared the video using one of their phones.

The four offciers are: CPL Magala Mathew, PC Ssemakula Musa, PC Ndyanabo Yonasan, and PC Mayenge Joel.
‘ ‘It is a serious matter when you get suspects then place them in a vulnerable position and take advantage of their situation. The behavior of the officers was unethical and immoral.’’ Enanga said.
The suspects are all attached to Field Force Unit (FFU) in Jinja and will be transported to Kampala to face charges of discreditable conduct in Police Disciplinary Court chaired by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Dennis Odongpiny.
Upon conviction, the quartet could be given severe reprimand which is accompanied with withholding half of their monthly salary for one to three months; they could be suspended or even be expelled from the police force.

Enanga says ‘ ‘As an organization, we expect the highest level of integrity and moral strength from everyone in the integrated highway patrol and the force at large. We would like to reiterate that there is no place in our institution for individuals who choose to manipulate the law, force discipline and policy for their selfish interests.”

He called upon all officers to desist from such behavior and continue using recordings of crime incidents strictly for evidentiary purposes.