Rumours: West Nile Super Star Gbara Spoken Survive Police Arrest In Gulu

The West Nile singer who has got huge media funs-based and one of the nominees for Best Regional Artist Northern TUMA Award 2017 was recently invited in Gulu town to perform along the Pyem Myel Event in Tak Center Gulu.
Gbara Spoken whose songs are doing great in the whole of Northern Uganda Entertainment successfully performed his nice tunes and drew the funs into over excitement.
Though his appearance at Tak Center ended well, unproven reports reaching us is that the Super Star who was as well nominated for Best Regional Artist Northern Uganda TUMA Award 2017 was being hunted by the police of which reason we are still unclear of but rumours speculating is that Northern Uganda Super Star, Gbara Spoken could have been hunted down for drugs related crime.
We are yet to confirm why. Unclear report.