Secret revealed,DJ Seeker is the guy behind Giramiya Trina’s one month pregnancy

Radio Rupiny presenter Giramiya Trina have been in the news a lot lately.

A few days ago, Oj wangz crush Trina was accused by DJ seeker old girl friend of unprofessional behaviour with her long time Boyfriend Seeker when they have gone for a Quiz night at Bjz. Reportedly,Late after the Quiz night Giramiya Trina refused to leave Bjz primises without Dj Seeker

And the second reason that always puts Giramiya Trina in the limelight is the pregnancy rumours. From the time these two got to be friends, there have always been rumours around about Trina’s one month pregnancy.

Although DJ Seeker always only spend 15 hours daily together with Trina, Many sources Confirms with evidence that The DJ is Behind Trina One month unborn Baby.
Photos below DJ seeker kissing Trina unborn Baby.23559387_1951059755106988_6718154323459681711_n23519089_1951059671773663_3053055534853697976_n