SHOCKING!! Video showing a Ugandan woman based in UK pleasured herself with this piece of cassava.

A Ugandan woman based in UK pleasured herself with a loaded piece of cassava when her husband was at work it was also believed that she was highly motivated after listening to “Pana” a song sang by a Nigerian rising star ofcoz she was in need of a “Big Cassava”.

She was later hospitalized due to continues bleeding after the Big Cassava stuck inside her P**y , Doctors performed immediate operation to remove the giant pleasured from her genital, She was interviewed after the operations and explained that she did it because her husband’s penis is too small it can’t satisfy her. That’s why she decided to use the 18 inches Cassava root. She designed it with herself but accidentally stuck inside . It started to bleed , right away she called ambulance and went to hospital.

watch the video below