Shocking:Paplo’s baby mama attempted to commit suicide

The amazing event star(Paplo) baby mama by the name Laker Nuru aged 22 decided to take her breath away by swallowing good number of tablets on Wednesday night the 9th august 2017 at around 2am but was rushed to flama health center unconsciously and was put into drip,she happen to do this in the absence of the paplo. The singer was out having fun with his friends in one of the night clubs in Gulu town when report reached him that your wife is in the hospital and without wasting time he took off to go and see what had happened to the mama of his only baby, on reaching flama’s health center premises he met a lady and asked her what’s going and the lady replied, your wife has swallowed over dose of tablets as away of killing her self and the singer was overheard asking the lady again that is she dead? and she said no but she is unconscious but she will be find as every thing is on going in order to save her life.
On Thursday the following day at around mid day she came back to her senses as told by one her siblings since a lot of water was added to her body in order to over power the strength of the tablets she took and was discharged later in the evening. When asked why she wanted to kill herself and she said that her husband(paplo man) has for the last 2 days did not respond to any of her words and she doesn’t know the reason why he is acting like that.