Three slay Queens fight over loaded dude at recent Aruu camp site,Radio presenter reportedly inclusive.

Kampala has beach like Speena Beach,Aero Beach and others for recreation while Gulu city has Aruu fall in Pader District.

During covid 19 Lock-down,Aruu camp site becomes one of the best place where most of the Gulu slay queens and kings are spending the weaken in.

Last weekend 30th/November,Aruu fall hosted the biggest party in the region with a great performance from many artists including Eezzy of Tumbiza sounds.

Not only good feeling like Slay queens and Kings has been enjoying themselves by Sleeping two two in the tents but also there was a lot of messed others gets drunk at the extent of losing their phone,some slay queens when even
far in the extent of for fighting for men.

Three slay queens where reportedly involved in a bloody fight over an identified loaded dude at the recent concluded Aruu camp site,the report also confirmed that the dude first arrived in the morning with a brand new car without any girl inside.the slay queen as been identified with there single name as Lajara,Acen and the other one we were not
able to identify name but rumors’ has it that she is a radio presenter even though we are not sure about it.