Top 10 Richest Northern Uganda musicians 2020,Here is the reason why Mc wangjok top the list & Tempra Omona,Bosmic Otim in number…

So Who are the richest musicians in Northern Uganda 2019- 2020? 
We are going to be checking out just how rich our musicians are, and the top ten richest artists amongst them in this article. Join we on this trip.let’s start from number 10.

10–Pretty B
On the 10th spot is Acaa Beatrice widely known by her stage name Pretty B. The singer is among the top artiste who commands the music indystry for over a 2019,the singer heavily invested in Agriculture from setting up her cattle farm that Worth 32 million UGX to completion of her building both in Akonyi and Pece.

9-Beniman mzee B 2star
This year Beniman Mzee B marked his 15years of being in the Northern music industry in . He is the 8th richest musician in Northern Uganda according to our list. The singer is very likeable by his colleagues both young and old.he is real estate investor.

8-Oj Maxwell

Olara Jimmy aka Oj Maxwell is a former member of Pine Avenue5. He occupies the number 8 spot.Even though Oj Maxwell was not musically active for passed one & half year,The singer still remains among the Northern Uganda musicians with the stable finance.Oj Maxwell owned over 1km farm in Nwoya District.He also invested in poultry farming supplying some high class hotels in Gulu town with over 300 Broiler’s chickens a month.At the mid 2019,Oj Maxwell built & started up a charity organization in Gulu town a organization keeping over 30 street kids +.

7-Easy Bash
Singer Easy Bash hold number 7 on the list. He deals in Real estate & tourism. Easy Bash also owned a story building Kampala capital.

6-Obol Simpleman
This is the 5th richest musician in Northern Uganda. Obol simple Man doubles up as a musician and a politician. He is currently a Lc3 councillor for Laroo Division , a position he was elected in 2016 elections. His wealth comes from music, livestock and farming .He owns 2 rides and permanent builting in Lacor.

5-Opiyo Twongweno
OPIYO Twongweno is a Northern musician known for his multifaceted nature when it comes to music talents and styles., Twongweno most known for recording traditional marriage song which he usually charger a huge million per song.He owns a plot of land in Gulu town behind the former Grace christian primary school.He also owned a large hectares of farm in Nwoya Districts.this made him to hold position 5 on the list.

4-Bosmic Otim
This is the 4th richest artist in Northern Uganda and. Mr.Otim Oyet started his musical journey 1 & half decade ago and today is the most listened artist in Northern Uganda . His money comes from weekly/daily shows, endorsements and farming.He is always booked throughout the year which simply tells you the amount the legend is minting.Bosmic Otim owns two plots of land in Kitgum,large hecters of farm in Angagura Paper District.He promised to complete his on going constraction house in Kitgum in 2020.

Tempra Omona
This is the third richest artist in the North.Tempra Omona started his music career over two decades ago which has seen him enjoy massive airplay and fame across the Country.He has spent almost a Decade working in USA.he is the most respected musician of our generation in the North with timeless hits like Wanen Awene, Lanyani,Gulu and many others. His wealth accumulates from investments in music,livestock farming and endorsements from the corporate company.In the early 2015 Tempra Omona started a company that deal in importing cars in the country but he quite.

2- Jeff Korondo
Even though some sources had been reporting in early October 2019 that Jeff was becoming broke after displaying most of property on a market for sale,The guy still remain the second richest musician in Northern Uganda.Jeff Korondo made a debut in his musical journey back in 2005 and from then things have never been the same for the Music for peace CEO . His music has earned him awards, fame and money. His source of wealth comes from the transport industry,Endorsment from ngos, real estate industry, and in the music industry.He owns construction company, a fleet of cars which do cab business, co-owns popular record label- Music for peace Productions, apartments in pece Gulu town and a livestock farm in Amuru District.

1-Mc Wang jok

No doubt,The son to Gulu former RDC is the richest musicians in the North.The Poetic Rapper still remains the first & only Northern artiste to be paid 10 million for one show,that was in 2013.Mc wangjok owns Bila wa Quest house and aslo an Apartment in Eden road Gulu,Apartment rented by NGOs something he doesn’t want the public to know. He has also been involved in several hip-hop workshop in the country recently.

Even though the singer was not fully active musically in mid 2019,In September 2019 Mc Wang wangjok managed to opened up the construction of his upcoming nursery school in Laroo Gulu town behind Gulu University.

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