This Week at Pine Avenue 5 – The “Dwog dwoni” Video by Pretty B is Baffling and Amazing,

Above is the Photos for Pretty B’s newest upload for “Dwog Dwoni” video shoot,A song which she is to release soon together with the video in a few weeks to come. That’s either a really great coincidence, or P avenue5 Diva took a shot in the dark, hoping her new song about being the best would coincide with her winning any awards that would cross her way., and actually hitting paydirt. Also, she announced confidentiality that the baffling song “Dwog Dwoni” is the club banger she has ever come with, the style that’s not the same as previous projects she does.

Anyways, the video echoes a lot of her recent Facebook pictures, which means that Pretty B was engaging in an elaborate social media teaser campaign that was so elaborate that we didn’t even understand what was going on, or this is just the stuff that Pretty does every day and she decided to snap of her ongoing project, Either way, here’s below a really blurry snap from “from her newly project”.