12 Lumix da don Quotes you don’t know,Number 5 will inspire you

Lumix’s unmatched poetical and lyrical ability was often manifested in his rhymes/Rap. Below are some of his quotes;

1-“I reminisce the days I was younger, I dreamt of being a pilot that was my plot. But now look at me striking like thunder choosing a microphone was never a blunder. Am famous now”

2-“You can never keep a good man down; you can never deny a real king his crown”

3-“I make music for those that bounce but can’t dance”

4-“I might just be one of the best to do this well. Listen then you can tell the difference between a Pro and amatuer”

5-“Am a man now no turning back, you know the river don’t flow backwards”

6-“I will take anybody that runs his mouth about VC, break you like a wack rapper CD”

7-“One emcee from VC is harder than 20 Baboons up in the forest. Halla at me monkeys”

8-“After this track, emcees will need medication”

9-“This microphone is the source of my power. I rip rhymes by the hour”

10-“If you are feeling sick I know you are definitely healing”

“11-I spit fire burn up your empire. I came here to fumigate get rid of rapper snakes that imitate. You irritate”

12-“I got hidden codes in my flow that you can never retrieve. Please believe you will bleed indeed. Should I Proceed?”

13-“I had to defy the odds just to slam on the board I did it my way after they told me my music won’t play”