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Laxzy Mover Biography

Born LAYENG FORTUNE AGGREY and best known as Laxzy Mover, He is 27 years of age and hails from humble middle class background, He started actively participating in music dance and drama from a young age, He later on joined a choir at a church where his musical talent began to expose the more . Laxzy Mover actively begun his music career in 2009 where he recorded his first single THE DAY, I SAW YOU. Currently he is signed to Swagg Team Nations/ Movers Music. He released two albums now under Swagg team nations, his album Genesis was released in 2017 and it had hits like Forgive me, Dogola, Lim pe, to mention but a few. And on 27th June 2020, Laxzy releases his long-awaited EP MAN OF THE YEAR.

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