5 Days to go, you will be able to remember Lumix da Don right where you are with this hashtag #RIPLUMIX13

Fans of Uganda’s hip hop,13 July is the date Lumix da Don pass on and the date is marked as his memorial anniversary.No worry if he was your best Rapper, you can remember him right where you are.Note this his Second memorial anniversary.
Below are the top 13 Lumix da Don inspired quotes

1-“I reminisce the days I was younger, I dreamt of being a pilot that was my plot. But now look at me striking like thunder choosing a microphone was never a blunder. Am famous now”

2-“You can never keep a good man down; you can never deny a real king his crown”

3-“I make music for those that bounce but can’t dance”

4-“I might just be one of the best to do this well. Listen then you can tell the difference between a Pro and amatuer”

5-“Am a man now no turning back, you know the river don’t flow backwards”

6-“I will take anybody that runs his mouth about VC, break you like a wack rapper CD”

7-“One emcee from VC is harder than 20 Baboons up in the forest. Halla at me monkeys”

8-“After this track, emcees will need medication”

9-“This microphone is the source of my power. I rip rhymes by the hour”

10-“If you are feeling sick I know you are definitely healing”

“11-I spit fire burn up your empire. I came here to fumigate get rid of rapper snakes that imitate. You irritate”

12-“I got hidden codes in my flow that you can never retrieve. Please believe you will bleed indeed. Should I Proceed?”

13-“I had to defy the odds just to slam on the board I did it my way after they told me my music won’t play”