50 Cents divorces wife, hooks up with South Sudanese Model

American rapper and businessman Curtis James Jackson popularly known as 50 Cent has divorced his wife Jessica White and hooked up with South Sudanese model Shanelle Shanaya. The rapper switched attention after enjoying Shanelle’s cookie at Mandarin Oriental in New York.

The new love birds hooked up about a week ago and 50 cents has already made up his mind . He wants that cookie over and over again and that’s why he kissed his marriage bye. Jessica White reached out to our reporter in Buffalo New York and emotionally explained how hurt she is after 50 Cent dumped her like a sack of potatoes for a South Sudanese chic.

On a phone conversation with our reporter Jessica said,”It pains me how he left me for another model. I know his new girlfriend is hot but what are marriages for if they are broken so easily like this. 50 called me on phone and said that it is over. I cried the whole night my brother”

Shanelle Shanaya is so much happy that 50 is now in her life, she brags about it in the neighborhood, social media and everywhere. The model flaunted her boyfriend’s pictures on Facebook. She even captioned one ‘‘night well spent with my new man 50”.

We thought the photo will be up until 50 commented so we gave it hours to go viral a little as we wait for the rapper to comment but we were wrong. The happy model figured out the caption was a clear statement that they banged so she erased the caption after like 2 hours. We wish we screenshot it straight away.

A close source working at the hotel disclosed that the pair are enjoying their time in the city. The source put it that 50 cents and Shanelle Shanaya are planning to have a baby soon. Shanelle’s parents are so happy because it seems like a shortcut to better life as 50 has promised to take them to the US soonest.

The model’s parents threw a big house party when 50 visited them in Greenspan and revealed his plans for the family as he considers them his in-laws. The rapper will leave Kenya prolly next month unless he extends his visa. Right now their prayer is for 50 to get her pregnant.

We contacted Shanelle on phone to tell us why she ruined Jessica’s marriage with 50 cents but this irritated her. She proudly said that she doesn’t talk to people of lowlife. She forgot that we don’t eat her mother’s house. It got our heads spinning why she called us people of lowlife.
Source= Jubaeye.com