A degree is a certificate of exposure, not a guarantee of skills –Norbert Mao

Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao is not a man to mince his words especially when it comes to administering wise counsel. Following the recent graduation ceremony at Makerere University, he has scripted his wise counsel to the graduates in a local newspaper addressing the dilemma of what to do next now that the first phase of education is done with.

He starts off the letter by strolling down memory lane, recounting events of his own academic triumph when he graduated Law school.

“When I graduated, my parents threw the mother of all parties…,” he recalls. He goes on to relay events of how he got bitten by the political bug which henceforth led him into pursuing a political career with his most fond memory being one where he defeated the late Noble Mayombo to clinch Makerere University’s top student office, the Guild Presidency.

Following his own brief ordeal, he goes on to offer wise counsel based on his readings, what he has heard others say, and reflections from his own experiences.

He emphasized the point of graduates not taking the qualification for it as there is more to the working world than just the paper.

“Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you learnt in school. So, there are things you should do notwithstanding papers. Identify your unique gifts,” he noted.

He was quick to point out that skills are vital in today’s working scope as he has met many with qualification but no skills to show for it.

Mao emphasized that the same papers do not determine what you are as he cited the example of Washington who was a surveyor before he became a great statesman that we remember him for today.

“Do not worry about what you haven’t got. Find out what you have,” he emphasized.”