A man who printed poster “Joseph Kony for president” arrested,to face treason case.?

Police in Kitgum town have detained a councillor on allegations of Designing, printing and displaying campaign poster of Joseph Kony to the public,the leader of load Resistance Army (L.R.A).

The councillor 3 who represent town ward in Kitgum central division Peter Paul Tabu was arrested last Saturday for printing and displaying the campaign poster of Joseph Kony tagged with the heading ‘Joseph Kony for president 2021- 2026.

The Authority said Tabu downloaded the photo from the Internet and printed it.the said poster that indicate Joseph Kony will be running for president in 2021 has been trending on social media a week ago.

Kitgum DPC Tommy Eyaku said he is still consulting with Residents state Artony on what charges to be put against Tabu before he arraign to court of law.but some source says he may face treason charge.