Acholi empire new face Artists can’t manage me, Eddy Wizzy opened up a beef with Acholi empire

Since then, this is the first time Eddy Wizzy and Acholi empire New face have been engaged in a fight that spans Twitter, Instagram, and airwave ensuring sure that everyone is and will be watching for there next move.

There have been doubts about Eddy Wizzy beef with Acholi empire new face, Today finally More fire CEO Eddy Wizzy unvailed a real beef with his former Record Label Acholi empire, the singer claims that Liama,Ojay Kayongo,Nerio and Silver/Acholi empire new face can’t manage to beat him.

Eddy Wizzy who was recently sharing a conversation with his Fans said Acholi empire will never Ihits like him and all the New signed Acholi empire Artists can’t manage him.

“Fan:more fire Entertainment we need more fire to burn down Acholi empire new face

Eddy Wizzy: Haaaaaaa these Acholi empire new Artist they can’t manage me bro.”