Acholi Empire New Face Launch Reunited Bosmick Otim And Badman Solo

As you may remember after the iron hit men attacked Northern Uganda’s “Goga Flow” singer 2Pee, Northern Uganda’s legendary singer Bosmick Otim was arrested and detained in connection with the attack.
On his released, Bosmick Otim recorded an audio typically unleashing those whom he claims were against his success.
In between the song’s lyrics was “Solo Abada apwoyo lweny ikoma” translated as “Thanks for fighting me Solo Abada”
Bosmick Otim further went on asking those whom he called their names not to appear at his funeral in case he died first and he will do the vice versa if they died first.
The story seems to have changed as Bosmick Otim “on red pants” was spotted with Bad Man Solo “Abada” “on maroon pants” in a group photo as evidenced above.
All this came about due to much engagements of Bosmick Otim with Acholi Empire “New Face” music label, it’s reported that legendary singer Bosmick Otim is currently into some music tours with the whole crew of Acholi Empire “New Face” of which Bad Man Solo is closed to.
Ready to make History again with his brother Badman Solo Abada “CEO Sky Light Music Label”.
Yes, it’s true. they have all reunited!
Much gratitude to Acholi Empire “New Face” CEO OJ Kayongo.
Thanks to their loyal fans, family, and friends for your prayers, love and loyalty.