Actorman begged Singer Pretty B for a collabo.

Actorman before he chopped off his dread.

A guy behind singer pretty B break through Actorman is back in the Music Industry.10years ago he was rated among the big name in the north music industry.but what happened?

Actorman who was also a song writer to Acaa Beatrice best known Pretty B at early stage of her music career last Saturday met with one of our reporter Dan at Empire record when he came to record his first 2019 song.

According to the singer,he said he is confident of making a comeback in the music industry because he will try to use the ladder he put up.when Dan asked him what he was meaning,..he replied”I think I need to do a collabo with pretty B if possible,my manager has tried to contact her magement already.we are waiting for the response.”

Northern buzz is also in the process of contacting pretty B about actorman collabo request.

Also watch watch pretty b collabo with actor that was released 10years ago .

Northern Buzz keep you posted!