After 100 people attended their wedding last month,the two frogs are set to celebrate 1month in marriage.

might sound strange to you but it’s true as a citizen’s forum in Karnataka’s Udupi in India arranged the wedding of two frogs so as to please rain gods. This ritual is called Mandooka Parinaya and was performed by the Udupi Nagarika Vedike or Udupi Citizen Forum (UCF) on 8 June last month as the locals are of the opinion that this will bring rain.

Residents of Udupi are battling a water crisis since the past few months and the situation has worsened due to the heat. In order to organise the wedding, two frogs – a male and a female – were brought from two different villages and elaborate arrangements were made with over hundred guests attending the ceremony.

The frogs, in fact, were dressed in custom made outfits for their wedding while the ceremony was performed as per Hindu traditions. “The wedding of male frog “Varun” from Kalsanka and female frog namely “Varsha” from Keelinje near Kolagiri was performed as per the Hindu tradition,” the members of UCF were quoted as saying by a news agency.

After their wedding, the frogs was sent to Mannapalla, near Manipal, for their honeymoon.

The frogs are set to celebrate 1month in marriage early this July 2019.


Twitter, in the meantime, is trying to understand the theory behind the wedding of the frogs. Some users also inquired about the rituals performed while others had strange demands.