After setting up his own recoding studio,Bosmic Otim rumors to have bought Acholi Pub at 125millionsUgx.

After Chua west Member of Parliament contestant Lucky Joyce Bosmic otim decided to go mude for over two months now,many of his fans been asking why is he so silent like never before.

After following up,we learned that Bosmic Joyce Otim has been investing heavily and setting up his mortgage.few days ago he completed setting up his own recoding studio ‘Yweka pa Kaka record’ in Kitgum municipality.

According to management of the recording studio,said Bosmic Otim opened up the recording house with the main aims of support upcoming talents and the popular music Producer Melix Skill is signed as the main man to andle the machines.

We also learned that Bosmic Otim didn’t only bought a plot of land along a road heading to Akwang Refugees camp but he also rumours to have bought one of the most famous hang out pup in Kitgum municipality ‘Acholi Pup’ currently The New Acholi Pup.

According to the source,claims Bosmic Otim is not just renting Acholi Pup as many are thinking but he owned it. He added that Bosmic Otim luckily bought the premises at 125millionsugx only…we are yet to reach Bosmic Otim to fully confirmed it.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!