After Sharing The Same Stage, Fans Needs Laxzy And Blamo To Record A New Song To Prove They Haven’t Broken Up

This year’s independent date’s show at Bomah Hotel hosted performance from Northern Uganda’s renown music duo Laxzy and Blamo on same stage.
The music duo is rumoured to have split up due to the fact that both of the two guys have decided to do it singularly in audio recording.
How ever much the music duo have denied any split up with claims that they are rather trying out new music styles, their lovely fans have started demanding them to come clear and record a new song together to rub-off the ideology that the lovely music duo is no more.
“We can’t stand missing our Laxzy and Blamo “Moverz” all these whiles, please brothers we need you back together to record a new song to prove your existence, we need Laxzy and Blamo not anything apart”, quoted one fan Akello Sheila.