Allan smokie goes emotional,cries in his latest song ‘Nguvu’

In many cases,tears are not always a sign of self pity,they can reflect anger, fear, relief and even happiness that’s why it’s has been such a useful addition to music contents.

Gulu based Ragga Dance hall singer Smokie Allan goes emotional for the first time in a song titled ‘Nguvu’. In a song Nguvu,Allan cried in the track.He shared some of the hardest moment in his life saying it depends on a true life story including war time in Northern Uganda.

The song ‘Nguvu’ that translated in English as ‘Power’ was released early this week and the song is a direct hit to political leaders.
Download the song Nguvu by Allan Smokie below, share and comments.

Download:Nguvu by Smokie Allan|Mp3 Audio|