Allan Smokie Got Back On Those Criticizing There Nomination For Best Regional Artist [ Northern ] TUMA Award 2017

Shortly after the official nominees of TAMU music award were released, other Northern Uganda’s musicians typically Lango regional singer Benni Man Muzee B rushed and termed the TAMU Award as being “Useless” and refering to it as a “Gulu Award” since he Benni Man claims the TAMU Best Regional Artist [Northern] was targeted for the Gulu Artists rather the whole of Northern Uganda though it’s clear one of the nominees Gbara Spoken is an artist from Aria.
The artists nominated for Northern Uganda regional Best artist, were

GbaraSpoken from Arua
Allan Smokie from Gulu
Laxzy & Blamo from Gulu
Judaz RapKnowledge from Gulu

Allan Smokie being one of the nominees yesterday got back on those criticing there nomination for the TAMU Northern Uganda’s Best Regional Artist.
These were his words on the issue:

“I always ask myself what is really wrong with our people.A few days ago I was nominated for the Uganda music awards alongside other artists Like Judas,Laxy n Blamo,Mc wang jok and Gbara spoken from Arua.
well like usual with awards in uganda expect alot of complaints from badmind.
fisrt to show his negativity was a presenter at Speak Fm call Doctor Freddie who protested on his wall claiming he does not know any of us who have been nominated,telling the awards organisers to style up.
second in command to post was my fellow artists Muzee B 2star who called the awards a Gulu award not northern because most of the nominees are Acholis,only Gbara spoken is a Lugbara from Arua.
As you all know we have had different awards ceremonies which came up with different criteria of nominations and voting procedures but still had complaints,I being one of the dissatisfied musicians on the past awards systems that made me feel left out even if I was clearly topping charts in northern Uganda at that time.
I want to say that in this game you don’t have to force recognition,work hard,be patient and wait for your time to shine and use it well.I am a real musician who has made his mark not only in the northern but in Uganda as well,northerners are not only found in Gulu or Lira.
we would have been very far if we had opened our eyes and stopped local jealousy.
Many fought and hated my friend Lumix the Don yet when he died they were fighting to carry his coffin,trying to be on the front page as we close friends we watched them from a distance.
I urge my fans,friends and family to be proud of our hustle and support us always instead of all being nonsensical and blind.”
“Smokie Allan posted Yesterday at 4:32pm”