Am already Done with police to stop Eddy Wizzy ‘Weng Nono’ Concerts— Said Singer Joe Emrold

Yesterday evening,War brokes between Joe Emrold and the organizer of Eddy Wizzy ‘Weng Nono’ Concerts Doctor Freddie.This all came after the misunderstanding between the two parties.

Joe Emrold who’s set to catain rise as one of the performer at both the two concerts Gulu Da Link Garden and Savana club Kitgum, claims the organizer of the event haven’t yet pay him a single coins and they have mishandle the agreement they have made hence he is ready to takedown both the two concerts if the organizers didn’t meet his requirements.

Read full statement from Joe Emrold below
“Fewows flopped few was shut down due to disagreement btn artists and and promoters. Same thing might happen again tomorrow in gulu if some people do not learn the difference between friendship and business relation. 
Am not seeking for names or searching for fame. Am famous already and whatever i have in life is because of my fame. And no any motherfucker will try and play around with me just because they think Joe Emrold Qute Eyezz
Is a simple cool dude. I tried reaching the so called show organizers about 1st and 2nd but people think they can play around with you because u smile with them and joke all the time or even share whatsap groups. 
So this is to inform you that tomorrow’s show and Saturday show in kitgum may or may not push thru depending on what Doctar Freddie
Will reply me today. 
NB Done with police and i have my permission to take action on tomorrow’s show. 
Cc: Flavia Apio
Cc: Driller
Cc: Eddy Wizzy
Cc: Gen Madekke
Cc Doctar Anthony Ocaka
Cc: Romeo Odong”…..Joe Emrold