Am not a Dog to refuse the Shs20million Covid-19 fund–Dokolo Mp OKot Ogong.

Dokolo member of parliament Felix Okot Ogong applaud parliament and government for allocating to them shs10billion in order to help them
sensitize their constituents on how to fight Covid 19.

Okot Ogong who is also a member of the ruling party NRM,While appearing on Voice of Lango 88.8fm on the program ‘Kop ango tungmalu me Uganda’that was hosted by Mr Awika Levis on Wednesday 22,April,said he can’t let the Covid-19 fund go.

“Like me Okot Ogong ,the shs20million given to,it’s a dog who refuses money.This money is not given to be used for my personal gain;it’s given
to help me use it in my constituency to help my people what they are lacking”..Said Felix Okot Ogong