Am ready to Demonstrate if Government failed to open show business this month–Singer Zetive

“Thing are hard,Am unable to to pay rents, some time my child,wife medical bills and money I owed during this lockdown”.. singer Zetive narrates.

One of the raising Gulu based singer Lukwago best Known with his stage name Zetive said he is ready to hit the street and demostrates if Government failed to open show business.

According to Zetive said it’s seems government doesn’t care about those who earn a living through music performance.

In an encountered with Zetive,he said before he hit the street to demonstrate over the issue of show business,he will first writte the letter to ministry of art and culture and if they fail to update the music industry/them about any hope or helps he will go ahead with his promised.

“If church is also funtioning why can they give us go ahead with the Covid 19 guide lines too,we are starving and depressed, doing showbiz is how we earns a living,am not against the government but the fact is life is hard now without finance income,

Am ready to hit the street and demostrates to show my dissatisfaction,I will try to write to ministry of Art and culture to update us about any coming hope if they failed am ready to go ahead with my promised next month.atleast I will try”… said singer Zetive

Without fear Zetive also went ahead and released a song called ‘Ajemo’ a luo word translated as ‘I will demonstrate’

In the song also,singer Zetive said he will demonstrate if Government failed to open show business this month.

Download the song’Ajemo’by Zetive below.

Download:Ajemo by Zetive|MP3 Audio|