Am the biggest artist in the North not even Bosmic Otim—-Said Beniman Mzee B 2 star

Ogwang Benard best Known as Beniman Mzee B 2 star in yet another claims as the biggest singer from the Northern region,in 2016 while appearing on NTV the beat with Douglas Lwanga, the singer first claims he is the biggest artist from the North,Again Early this week Mzee B came out to clarify to the music lovers that he is the biggest and Highly paid in the North not even Bosmic Otim

“…right now i am the biggest and highly paid Artist from northern Uganda followed by Lucky Bosmic Otim I know so many will not accept this but am telling you what’s on the ground.
When I started music people always wanted me to make it a part time which is so against my Will, I rather leave yo job.
To be sincere music in me is more than all I have in the world.
It feeds me,my family and pays all the bills including giving Eduction to my gyal coz I don’t want her to be like me(Hustling).
My Dad didn’t like me at all from the beginning not until Music built him where to sleep … I am a musician.
In this single life which I want to live for the rest of life I experienced that women only want a man for a husband not for development.,,,,,infact (SEX) I almost became a machine wen I got married to this UK based Doctor eh Ojone… be sincere sex is not suppose to be work but leisure..
Any woman i will try I don’t know when..should oba be what?(poor,ugly
I don’t know i dont know….
I can’t change from music to something else I will die.
I am happy now my music is back to normal.may God bless my fans you are everything to are the best friends I ever have …
Masindi am around town today link up.”….Said Beniman Mzee B