If Anything Happen To Liama you Will Face The Consequences,fans reacted to Maria A and Liama clashes

Liama and Maria A clashes takes another miles stone,when Liama Block Maria A on social media and remove her too from her what’s up group and the beef emerge,Fans takes reaction on what’s going on between the two.Both negative and postive.one end up saying”If Anything Happen To Liama you Will Face The Consequences”
Here below are reaction from fans.

Queennah Sheba
Maria The Other Time I Heard U Saying Over The Air That Ur Biological Mum Comes 4rm Koch Paikat N U Grew Up 4rm There N Liama Is Also Areal Lady 4rom Paikat So Wai Do U Hate Her? Last Year It Was Heard 4rm Gulu Fm Staff Dat U Send Guys To Look 4 Liama So If Anything Happen To Her U Will Face The Consequences Coz It Has Been Reported To Police N Besides She Iz Not The One Hu Make Acire To Dismiss U 4rm Presenting In Gulu Fm But Its Becoz Of Yo Poor Performance Dia So We Are All Ugandans N We Acholi We Dont Like Tribalism So We Take U As Our Sister Although U Are A Teso!

Podtherapper UG

Being first Or last mean nothing, they all big , let em finish up their shit in dope way, #PodtherapperUG ??

Oketayot Herbert

Liama is still new in d music industry so she can’t compare herself wth AKA MARIA A I like all of dem by thy shouldn’t be fight n plize we all one n y r we fighting for someone success work hard so tht u also build ur name oh no

Omara Fred

Yes Liama removed Maria A from her WSAPP group but what had Maria A gone to do there? What did Maria A expect Liama to do? Now why does she make alot of noise when she is the one who provoked her colleague? Didn’t Maria A know that her act was an intrusion? After removing Maria A did Liama say anything, or just kept quiet to avoid confrontation? should we all be naive to say that Liama was wrong to block Maria A from advertising herself in Liama’s group?
We need first to understand the characters of the two artists before making judgement; Maria A is provocative, careless and wayward, while Liama is quiet, decent and literate.

Wienie Bk
First ov all before u call Maria A fake,check ur self on the mirror coz u might turn up to be more fake than her,second ov all learn to mind ur on #haters gonna hate #SHUT THE FUCK UP #u can point one finger at Maria but two fingers point back at u

Shakimpro daily
Maria a don’t be fake it looks like u depend on liama if they remove u its OK it means ur not in her level she’s above you look for your league

Rama Da Preacher

Respect is all we need Maria A Agwe is among da legends so Liama Irene you gotta unite instead

Littzy Dancehall Bouy

we re tired that issueses of tension amng/btn artist. Liama u re gud but respect and coperation is the best

Sheena Tyra

False proper gander will never make maria a have hit songs liama had transformed northern female musik to the next level its only maria to b true n compete with truth not not saving names n deleting by herself hence blaming some one