Apass Already In Gulu Town For The Most Anticipated Back From School Music Bash Of 2018

As music festivals disappoint, these gigs look more enticing.
It’s time to go back to the venues — not that we ever left. Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out (yet again) that this back from school’s bash offerings are what one might say … “less than.” So, that leaves the standard tours, and the good news is that this back from school bash is anything but standard. A few icons are returning to the fold — one for his final hurrah — while several n00bs are climbing up the ranks faster than you can say, “Whoa, they’re pretty great”. Even better, it’s a total hodgepodge of genres, which means anyone with an entrance fee and an open mind is eligible to have an eclectic best back from school bash from the “Dididada” monster in 2018.
The date is tonight Saturday 25th 2018 at Dalink Garden Gulu at only 5,000 Ugx featuring finest superstars like Laxzy Moverz, Judas, EeZzy, Liama Irene, Destiney Music, MC Kash Owakabi and many others on the lists.