Baby Needs Shs 25 million for Heart Surgery

One year after she was born, Mercy Lakica started experiencing difficulties in breathing, fatigue, general body weakness, and swelling of ankles, feet, legs and veins in the neck.

When Lakica’s mother, Molly Apiyo, took her to Gulu regional Referral and Mulago Hospitals, doctors discovered that Lakica, now two years, was born with a hole in her heart.

The condition has made Lakica’s heart to be narrow, blocking adequate circulation of blood to the heart, leading to build up of blood and fluid in the lungs.

Apio said whenever Lakica gets an attack; “Her palms and tongue change to black as she struggles to breathe with eyes blinking uncontrollably.”

A Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist Dr Twalid Aliku, says Lakica’s condition can only be reversed through surgery, which will cost 25 million shillings.

However, Apio, a mother four, says she can’t raise the 25 million shillings required for the surgery at Narayana Health facility in India, which was recommended by Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE), through doctors at the Uganda Heart Institute Mulago.

Her reference number is (Ref No: Uganda/ACDIPE/NHICS171a/25012018).

ACDIPE has donated Shs7, 200,000/= and the balance is shs. 18,720,000/=.

The 25 million shillings will cater for medical fees for open-heart surgery, Air Tickets and Visa fees, upkeep and Accommodation for nine days.

This article is a call by Northern Era, to well-wishers and volunteers to contribute in any way they can, to enable Lakica get surgery.

Apio is moving from door-to-door seeking financial support to raise the remaining money required for the operation.

For any financial assistance, please, reach Apio, Lakica’s Mother on Telephone number 0781601738.

Alternatively you can deposit your contribution at Centenary Bank, Mukono branch, on account number: 8020024627 in the names of Muloki Sarah Ndololire