Before fame she dumped me because I was unable to buy for her a “makeup”,but now she needs me back–Singer Eezzy.

It could be Eezzy ex girlfriend had a taste of life without the singer and found it distasteful as she constantly compared situations and events she had experienced without the singer and felt too disingenuous or found herself lacking interest and began to regret loosing The raising Super Star…

Eezzy narrated how her ex dumped him before making hits songs in one of the recent show in Pader District,According to some source we learned that Eezzy also dedicated a specific song to her ex Girlfriend.

“Three Years ago My ex dumped me because I was unable to buy for her a make up,Now she is calling me that she needs me back.. Please girls be patient life is a journey.”..Said Eezzy

There might be a hidden psychological factors that the Ex could be codependently unable to move on without the singer or maybe its a feeling she attained by being with Eezzy and she cannot imagine satification with anyone else.

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