Am better than Judas Rap Knowledge—Rapper Due Don

Upcoming Artists,song writer, rapper Don Due claims he is better than one of his famous fella Judas rap knowledge,he claims too he is one of the best Rapper Northern Uganda had.Rapper Due who got a chance recently to encounter with Northern Buzz reportter, said hip-hop is the home of beef,he beef Judas in favour of return with is songs”Don’t try and watye Lamal.

Northern Buzz. Jal Don, rumours has it that some of your lyrics in one of the song is targeted specifically to Judaz for instance in one of your latest audio

Is it true that those lyrics target the mentioned person

Rapper Due:Ya dat z long story am brada to Rap d da don n exo Jame legend Luu z ma Caz bro dat why I knock Judas door
man hiphop da home of beef i beef him in return.dont try .wa tye lamal.and gtown king.

Northern Buzz:So you are meaning it’s Judaz who started the beef? what’s all about the songs

Rapper Due Don:Dat song is about to sweep ma way n I also telling some fake Rapper dat I don’t sing fi alcohol like …….????I believe am better than him and am doing it on behalf of Legends Luu

Northern Buzz:now Don, why don’t u live legend to fight the war
Rapper Due:Aaaaa Luu lost da power he have
Watch don’t try below by Rapper Due da Don>>>